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Experiments with Max1674/75 step-up voltage regulators

Experimental Measurements are similar to Max 1797

SurfBoard installed on breadboard running two red leds in series at 3.24 volts

Aluminum heat sink in a 1-1/2" sink drain tube

Prototype Flashlight Adapter Configuration

[ Schematic Diagram ] [ Circuit Board Layout ]

[ Various Parts from Digi-Key to think about ] [ Shorter list ]

Diagram for mounting the small surface mount chip on a SurfBoard, then using much larger through-hole parts for the rest of the circuit.  This minimizes the amount of surface mount soldering.

Two methods to solder chip to SurfBoard

Anode and Cathode connections for a Luxeon Star

Dimming Resistor Calculation

Max 1674/1674 Data Sheet

Luxeon Star Data Sheet

[ Schematic from CPF for converting a voltage regulating chip to constant current ] [ Approximate explanation ]

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